Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Heli Bike NZ shop?

Heli Bike NZ does not have a shop. Heli Bike NZ guides are full time guides, NOT part-time guides, part time shop assistants. We are much better at guiding than standing in shops selling bike bits.

What about cross county riding?

Heli Bike NZ has great cross country single track rides - again we cater to the adventurous beginner to the advanced rider, tailoring the trail to the riders.

How may riders will I be riding with on the trip?

5 is the maximum on most Heli bike trips although there are occasions when there are a few more. For the 4x4 accessed trips 7 is the maximum.

Where does Heli Bike NZ ride?

Most of Heli Bike NZ rides are around the Queenstown and Central Otago area.Heli Bike NZ has about 400km of trails to choose from, many of the trails are on private land where few ever get to ride.

What are the trails like?

All mountain trail- there is such a range of trail type from narrow steep single track to rocky loose trail and open smooth fast track. Most of the trails are on high country sheep farms. The riding and scenery are amazing.

Why does Heli Bike NZ have so many ride choices?

Not everyone is equal - and Heli Bike NZ believes one trail does not suit all. Fat tyre has some trails that only experienced riders should go on, and other that are more suitable for those riders with less experience.

Will I be riding with riders my own ability?

YES! Heli Bike NZ has a simple policy that the first rider to book gets the choice of ride for the day. If they are an advanced rider we will try our best to book similar riders on that trip. We will not put learners with experts - it's not fair on either rider. Heli Bike NZ deliver great mountain bike rides for mountain bikers of all abilities and do our best to accommodate all tastes.

What bike do Heli Bike NZ hire and how much?

If you are renting a bike from us it will be a GT Sensor Elite 2015 (or equivalent) and it will be $80 per trip. These are great bikes that suit the trails we ride well.

Your Heli bike trips are different prices?

It's simple really. The further you fly the more it costs. The Remarkable Nevis Heli bike is a huge 40km 14min flight, and then there is the 3-5 hrs riding. It is as much about the flying time as the riding time. Heli Bike NZ tyre fly twice as far as any other Heli bike business! Heli Bike NZ deliver more trail for your money!

Who are Heli Bike NZ?

Heli Bike NZ is guided mountain biking and heli biking. Local Queenstown mountain bikers and passionate about mountain biking- professional full time guides - Heli Bike NZ is the leader in quality Heli bike and mountain biking in New Zealand. 14yrs guiding with more trail and ride choice with the experience to deliver.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes you can bring your own bike- you will be responsible for getting to the end of the trail- bring 3 tubes a hanger and chain link. You can enter a promo code when booking for a discount.

What about the brakes? Can you swap the brake to suit?

Yes we can swap the hydraulic brakes to left or right front to suit what you are used to!

What do I need to bring?

All riders will need the following: back pack, water, sunscreen and sun glasses, riding clothes, wind breaker * thermals (seasonal, we will tell you if they are required) camera, trail snacks.

Who are the Heli Bike NZ guides?

Greg is a born and breed New Zealander, the founder and head guide of Heli Bike NZ. He believes that mountain bike trips should be about mountain biking before they are a tourist activity- mountain biking for mountain bikers. Passionate mountain biker has been a full time guide for 14yrs. He has ridden in and around the back country of NZ and Queenstown area longer than any other bike guide in town. He works in with Bike NZ and Skills Active writing and setting guiding standards for mountain bike guides. Heli Bike NZ have only local kiwi guides who meet the high risk management and wilderness first response emergency care standards required.

What pedals and can I bring my own?

All the GT Force bikes have flat pedals. We can put spd and crank bros pedals on but if you are bringing your own shoes I would suggest bring your own pedals- they match better.

What about bad weather?

We miss very few weather days – the mountain weather is fickle, we decide on the trip in the morning of the trip – you should not try to predict the weather or take too much attention to the forecast on your mobile phone as they are very general and not specific to the areas we go.

What about Refunds?

Heli Bike NZ will give a full refund (if booked direct with Heli Bike NZ) for any trip Heli Bike NZ cancellation. You need to give us 24hr notice if you cancel and we will give you a full refund. We will be flexible and will try to accommodate if you need to change days.

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In case you have not found an answer to your question here, or you have any other enquiries then please feel free to get in touch. You can be sure of our utmost attention!

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