Epic Back country heli biking.

If you go mountain biking you can go heli biking!

Heli-bike options - Fly up, Ride down!

Rides start in November and continue through until May

Please note: There is a weight restriction of 156kg for the front seat of the helicopter. If there are five in your group then there will need to be at least one of you that is no more than 75kg. If you are not sure please contact us. All prices are in NZ dollars.


Double Descent/Double Heli ◄ Back

Grade 4 and being MTB fit is ideal
Not your average shuttle day.
Heli flight - 20min+
Landing altitude, almost 2000m x 2
Total descent 2900 ±
Total ascent 50m!
Ride Time- 3hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 3pm ±

Two big descents equal a massive 2900m ± descent in one day! After an awesome flight into the Remarkables Range we land at just over 6000ft, the highest of all heli biking in New Zealand. Now there is 15km of rock garden trails descending into the open alpine tundra you can only experience at this altitude.

We call in the chopper to come and fly us to the stunning 1700m Crown Peak that has 360 vistas taking in Wanaka and Queenstown. We seem to finish where there is a well-earned beer!

We have 4 trails to taylor options to suit riders from intermediate.

Price: NZ$699pp. Availability


Nevis. ◄ Back

Grade 3, intermediate ride – reasonable MTB fitness is best.
Allow most of the day. An epic XC Heli bike trip.
Heli flight- 45km
Landing altitude. 1700
Total descent 1850m
Ride Time- 3hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 3.30pm ±
Highlights. #heliflight, #stunningviews, #flowingandfast, #sheeptracks.

This epic ride starts with an amazing 15-minute flight over the Remarkables mountains and remote Nevis Valley to land at 1700m on the eerie rocky moonscape-like terrain of the Old Woman Range. Undulating, fast flowing trails and technical single track take us to the bottom. This is our original heli bike trip and still the most popular XC Heli trip. We finish the ride at a café in the heart of one of the worlds' best Pinot Noir wine growing regions.

NZ$599.00pp. Availability


Dunstan Mountains. ◄ Back

Grade 4+, above average MTB fitness and skill.
Epic big country! Amazing back country riding.
Heli flight- 20min+
Landing altitude, 1750m
Total descent 1800m
Ride Time- 3hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 4.30pm ±
Highlights. #hugeheliflight, #stunningviews, #flowingandfast, #roughtrack, #hugedescents

This is our longest flight at 20min.

These trails offer diverse terrain from super-fast and narrow farm track to sheep tracks and old gold miner’s viaducts and trails built by hand 150 years ago.

The Dunstan Heli bike ride will suit fit intermediate to advanced riders that enjoy the challenge and purity of back country trails.

Price: NZ$699



Vanguard Peak aka Advance Peak. ◄ Back

Our most popular Heli trip!
Grade 3-5, Average fitness required
Heli flight- 10min
Landing altitude, 1750m
Total descent 1650
Ride Time- 3hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 3pm±
Highlights. #singletrack #Scenic #wickedflight

Vanguard Peak is a real gem, with the most amazing helicopter flight over steep ridges and narrow valleys you land on remote alpine tundra. The historic single track to the valley floor seems to go on for ever! (Thanks to the gold miners of over 100 years ago). At the end of the brake burning descent we arrive in Macetown and past years’ gold mining relics. Onto more trails the old diggers made-perched above the flood line, the trails are exposed and narrow. If you don’t have a head for heights, you can wade through the river crossings. Then undulating 4x4 following the stunning arrow river to finish close to Arrowtown on more exquisite flowing single track!

Returning to Queenstown about 3pm

Price $499pp



Crown Peak. ◄ Back

Grade 3 – with easy or more technical descent options.
Heli flight- 8min+
Landing altitude, 1750m
Total descent 1500m
Ride Time- 2hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 1.30pm

A beautiful 8-minute flight to the top of Crown Peak at 1750m will offer epic 360 degree views of the Wakatipu to Queenstown and the Cardrona Valley. This stunning heli bike trip drops down through high narrow ridge lines and tussock land, historic gold-mining relics to historic pack track single track.

There are two options on this trip- it is possible to ride a rough 4x4 track (grade 3) or ‘off piste’(grade4) trail from the top – a great ride of groups of mixed abilities.

The final descent off the Crown Terrace is fast and takes us down the historic Tobin’s Track or Murphy’s run single track to picturesque historic village of Arrowtown where we stop for some southern hospitality and refreshments.

Price: NZ$399.00p.



Ben Cruachan Remarkables. ◄ Back

Grade 4 – with longer or shorter ride options.
The Original NZ heli bike trip.
Heli flight- 7min+
Landing altitude, 1950m
Total descent 1500m or 1800m
Ride Time- 2-3hrs+
Return to Queenstown- 1.30-2pm ±
Add on Mt Rosa to make this a truly spectacular MTB ride.

A spectacular flight up into the Remarkables.
Rocky 4x4 trail and historic gold miners single trail make the top half of this trip very entertaining. There are some exclusive trails on Mt Rosa to avoid the usual road descent, to complete the trip and make this an epic (optional).
Price: NZ$399.00p.



Roaring Meg. ◄ Back

The Roaring Meg trip is no longer available due to the land owner closing assess to public and commercial trips - we are working on this and will hope to open the trail again when the issues are resolved. We always work closely with private and public land owners to maintain a good relationship to maintain access.

Exclusive multi-day heli bike tours

These can be a bit like the Dirty Weekend or Five-Day Fury but all heli accessed! We will tailor an ultimate few days riding to suit you - probably cheaper and more exciting than you imagine!

Exclusive heli-bike – multi run day.

Why not try a multi-run heli-bike day (as you would a heli-ski day)? Feel the buzz not once, but several times on a series of fast and epic back country trails with massive pure descents.

Contact us for more information.